Join the IDF with me - Self Fundraising Program

We call it JIM for short.

Creating a campaign is easy.  Our support staff will help in every step of the way and our “ALL IN” process has proven results to help you maximum participation and raise as much as possible. 

The company we work with  https://onlinedonations.us/ has a special  “ALL IN” software that lets you track your progress.

Donors can support via credit card or via check, allowing donors from anywhere the ability to support your group and show how much they care.

Each participant has a pre-designed fundraising page they can email, share via social media, and text friends and family for donations. You also have pre-written emails to make this as easy as possible for you.

The software tracks all donations, automatically issues thank you and receipts to donors, and sends reminder emails to donors during the campaign. The “ALL IN” software will allow participants to see at how times how much you have raised toward your personal fundraising goal.