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Hishtadlus and Bitachon - Your Efforts & Hashem's Intervention

Bitachon...(Trust in Hashem)

Beitzah 16a

A person’s entire livelihood is allocated to him during the period from Rosh HaShana to Yom Kippur. During that time, as each individual is judged, it is decreed exactly how much money he will earn for all his expenditures of the coming year...

...except for expenditures for Shabbatot, and expenditures for Festivals, and expenditures for the school fees of his sons’ Torah study.

In these areas, no exact amount is determined at the beginning of the year; rather, if he reduced the amount he spends for these purposes, his income is reduced and he earns that much less money in that year, and if he increased his expenditures in these areas, his income is increased to ensure that he can cover the expense. 

Therefore, one may borrow for these purposes, since he is guaranteed to have enough income to cover whatever he spends for them.

The Plan...

Trust Hashem, make your Hishtaldus (Effort)!

Get the money you need

This plan has work very well for others and can for you too!

This is an audio from Chezky's father. Listen or read the transcript

Okay, so if first of all, I'm happy for anybody to reach out to me if they want to ask me any questions about the campaign we made to raise the money for my son, Cheskywho is doing so well and Keshet has been a life changer for him. Um, as we were hoping. So we had, really no means to pay his tuition.

So we started this campaign, this fundraiser,  where we put together, you know, a little nothing too long, as you can see in the the link to the Chesed Fund page, we put it together a little description of what Husky is looking to do and why and what he, what he can gain from it.

And then we sent it out, you know, you could put it on your status and so on, which, you know, helps, but not a lot of people just ignore statuses.

So we also reached out to some, obviously the family sent it directly or family, you know, cousins, distant cousins, especially cousins that have a what's nice about it is even cousins who don't have any connection necessarily who aren't religious, but, you know, it's things are complicated these days.

But, you know, just the the supporting Israel aspect of it was a nice way I felt it allowed us to reach out to people who wouldn't necessarily, um, help with these types of fundraisers under normal circumstances.

And, I even reached out to a communities where I've lived in the past and I mean personally was a teacher.

So. Um, but even so, depending on a person's situation, I reached out to the rabbi of at least one of one of the previous communities where I lived, and and he and he himself, reached out to the members of the community. It wasn't like it was. It was more than just putting it on my status to make sure that people saw it, and they got a direct, a direct message. Um, and from there it was just miracles from Hashem. The whole thing was raised, and I can't even begin to describe how thankful we are. If there's any way I can help anybody else, I'd be more than happy. Lots of luck. Take care. 

It all starts like this...

I'm contacted by a parent or student who tells me they can't afford the program.

I send them Beitza 16a and let them know not to worry, I've been doing this for over 15 years and have yet to see a boy not make it! (I hope I never do!)

As you can see and hear from the examples above, when you make your Hishtaldus (Effort) Hashem Helps and it happens as He guarantees! 

I'm looking forward to your success, see your son in Keshet and hearing your amazing story!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions.

Hazlacha Rabba,

P.S. If you would like to reach out to Yanky, Chezky's father let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

In order for the fundraising program to be US tax deductible you'll need to add this:

American Friends of Keshet Yehuda
70 Biarritz Street
Lido Beach, NY 11561
Tax ID: 27-4386037

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