Aliyah & Integration Program


The Aliyah and integration program at Mechinat Keshet Yehuda.

What are the ingredients for a successful Aliyah? Two of the main ingredients are making Aliyah at the right age and into the correct environment.

The right age is when you are:

  • Young  and full of ideals
  • Before establishing a family and thus still able to make major changes in life with relative ease.
  • Able to smoothly join the natural stream of life of your age group in Israel.

18 to 20 is the age after high school and before higher education which is best suited for Aliyah.   At this age you can still join the natural flow of life experienced by many Israelis your age who choose to attend pre-military academies called Mechinot.   These young Israelis learn in Mechinot in order to spend a year (or a year and a half) preparing spiritually, physically and mentally for their army service in the best unit they can reach.

The best environment:

  • A learning environment based on National Religious Torah ideals.
  • Integrates you with over one hundred young Israelis your age.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to make amazing friendships and build a solid social base.
  • Provides tools to acquire the Hebrew language.
  • Helps you achieve your goals of serving in the best unit you can make in the Israeli Army.
  • Provides meaningful volunteering experiences side by side with
  • Fun and challenging physical activity.
  • Shows you the Israel you didn’t get to know on official trips.

Mix these two ingredients together and you will create an amazing years experience and a successful Aliyah.

In Mechinat Keshet Yehuda we work in cooperation with all the organizations you will need for making aliyah and serving in the army.

Join your nation in the epic feat of rebuilding the Jewish Nation in the Land of Israel.

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