“Test the Waters” before making any commitments Pilot or Gap Year In Israel

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The Pilot Integration Program.

Have you considered making Aliyah but are not sure and have many reservations?  Are you hesitant to make major commitments of army service and Aliyah?

We invite you to join your young Israeli peers in the pre-military academy of Keshet Yehuda.  Come for a year of real Israel.  Learn the Torah ideals motivating the best soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces.   Make amazing friendships, learn Hebrew and navigation skills, get into peak physical shape, travel the land and participate in meaningful volunteering experiences.

Israeli pre-military academies are not strict military environments.   Actually a Mechina is an environment where you will be challenged to build yourself.  We provide the tools you do the work – if you are up to it!

After a year like this you will be in a position to make an informed decision about making Aliyah!

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